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Fitness First, Platinum, Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah

by February 14, 2016
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Great atmosphere, full of energy
Great classes
New, extensive training equipment
Very knowledgeable staff
Club like feel


Hours of classes not great if you work
Needs to offer earlier, and later classes
No pool

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If you like your fitness and get off on the energy of others you will love Fitness First on the Palm. Classes are very professionally taken, only the hours could be improved.

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Hugely popular (and busy) already, there was clearly pent-up demand for a big, energetic gym on the Palm Jumeirah. This place has bounce off the wall energy, necessary if you do any of its classes, which vary from Zumba to Step, from Body Pump to Body Attack. You can even do Yoga upside down if you want. Full class schedule here.

This is a Platinum club so is not cheap (approximately 7,500 AED for the year). However it’s clearly enjoyed by its members who pack and pump themselves in an up every night. What’s nice about it is the mix. Yes, there are your incredibly fit gym professionals who clearly spend more time in the gym than at work, and the young and very beautiful who do a serious amount of wafting about, very little actual exercise and yet still look amazing, and then there are we normal human beings, huffing and puffing our way on the endless journey towards slimness and fitness.


You cannot fault the gym if you do not get there. Membership comes with a sensor to measure your heart rate and to key track of key stats that are broadcast around the gym to keep yourself and others motivated. The gym offers 1900 sq meters of fitness equipment – Treadmills, Bikes, Elipticals, Power mill, New flex Striders – with attachable TV Screens to keep your mind occupied. There are also strength machines from Life Fitness, Free weights and, plate loaded equipment.

Fitness First basically does everything else except do the exercise for you and if it could it would probably even do that.

Fitness First on the Palm also features well equipped Freestyle range of products such as Battle Ropes, TiYR, Bulgarian Bags, Slam Balls, Core Bags, Escape Octagon Olympic lifting platform, Vipr’s and TRX frames. There are Group Exercise, Spinning and Multipurpose studios and an outdoor training area.

If that is not enough Fitness first offers Personal Training, a specialized Nutritionist, Steam rooms and relaxation area and an exclusive members lounge with wireless internet and complimentary drinks to relax and socialize.

Fitness First basically does everything else except do the exercise for you and if it could it would probably even do that too.

The only real criticisms – it can, on occasions, get too busy to be truly comfortable in the evenings, and perhaps there is a little too much selling of personal training.

That said, overall we give a powerful, pumped up, hard core and totally muscular thumbs up.

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Orwell Huxley
A journalist and editor who has lived in Dubai for 20 years and on the Palm for the last 6. Having bought his own home on the island, he really feels it is home, loves it, and believes it could well become the best place on the planet.

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